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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – What is the highest hand you can get in a game of poker?


2 – What now retired NHL player from Lambton County is the only player in NHL history to have both scored over 300 goals and amassed over 3,000 penalty minutes in his career?


3 – What 1995 movie starring Mel Gibson featured the line “Every man dies; not every man really lives.”?


4 – What local institution recently sealed a time capsule, featuring literature, reflections and drawings that will be opened in 2067?


5 – The logo on the caps of the Minnesota Twins baseball franchise is two letters, a T and a C.

What do the letters stand for?


6 – What is the smallest continent?


7 – Since 1976, Queen Silvia has been the monarch of what country?

Denmark             Austria          Sweden


8 – What Massachusetts town is commonly used in reference to the 17th century witch trials in Colonial America?


9 – The highest earning song of all time is “Happy Birthday.” What seasonal song comes in second?


10 – In what month does winter begin in Australia?



– Tom St. Amand (column # 263)


ANSWERS: 1 – Royal Flush; 2 – Dale Hunter; 3 – Braveheart; 4 – Lambton College; 5 – Twin Cities; 6 – Australia; 7 – Sweden; 8 – Salem; 9 – White Christmas; 10 – June.


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