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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – What three states in the US begin with the letter “C”?

2 – Corunna’s Katie Courchesne became the first woman with what organization to hold the position of a ship’s bosun?

3 – Used in social media, the Internet abbreviation “ICYMI” stands for “In case you . . .”?

4 – The Blue Water Bridge toll for U.S.-bound vehicles has been increased from $4.25 Canadian to what sum?

5- In the human body, tendons connect muscle tissue to what?

6 – Which term for an actor comes from the Greek poet who is often called the inventor of tragedy?

7 – Which of these is NOT one of the ingredients of Caesar salad?   Croutons, Parmesan cheese, Tomato paste

8 – Who of the following did NOT receive the Nobel Peace Prize: a) Mahatma Gandhi b) Martin Luther King Jr. c) Nelson Mandela

9 – Which consonant is the only letter in Scrabble worth five points?

10 -Scientists have found methane emissions from cows fell 70% after what was put in their diet:

  1. a) grains   b) milk   c) seaweed

– Tom St. Amand (Column #321)

ANSWERS: 1 – California, Colorado, Connecticut; 2 – Coast Guard; 3 – Missed it; 4 – $5; 5 – Bones; 6 – Thespian (from Thespis); 7 – Tomato paste; 8 – a) Mahatma Gandhi; 9 – K; 10 –     c) Seaweed.












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