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Testing for lead in water lines about to begin

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City staff are preparing to contact some property owners to ask for a water sample in their home as part of a lead pipe replacement project.

If a high lead level is detected, the property owner will be provided with a copy of the test results and a fact sheet on lead prepared by Lambton Public Health.

High lead levels are typically traced to lead water pipes, either on the municipal side or private property side, or both.

As new watermains are installed, the city is replacing old pipes from the watermain up to the private property line, according to a new staff report.

Some municipalities provide homeowners with a loan or grant to replace their portion of lead piping. Other municipalities offer filters for a period of time if high levels are detected.

A consultants report, including recommendations for local homeowners, is expected to be given to council in the coming months.

The water sampling on private property is voluntary.


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