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Week of June 25

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Please be kind and patient during this trying time

Sir: I am a 79-year-old senior who uses a cane and had been in self-isolation since March.

But I needed to go out after Maryanne from the record store called to say my order was ready for pick-up.

I called Sarnia Transit to see what measures were in place to protect me on the bus. I was told the Sunday route schedule is in place daily, to use the back door, and that hand sanitizer and designated seating are available.

I put my mask on, caught the bus, and all was well. I felt safe, and anyone I encountered was respectful. The day was beautiful, and it was so refreshing to be out and about again.

I picked up my CD and walked to the bus stop, and there, to my horror, were blue surgical gloves scattered along the curb in front of the pharmacy, on both sides of the street.

What a disregard for public safety.

How selfish of those people to park, get out of their cars, collect their meds at the pharmacy, and trash their gloves at the curb.

Seeing on this on such a beautiful day was heartbreaking.

Suddenly, a young man on a bicycle stopped and picked up all the discarded gloves, on both sides of the street.

I gave him a thumbs-up and he went on his way. My day became brighter. Does he do this every day?

Wake up people. We are in this together. Be respectful, kind to one another, patient, and do your part when you can, so we can collectively get through this time peacefully and in harmony with our planet and each other.

Muriel Callum


Scrap the Rapids Parkway extension

Sir: People don’t seem to understand how badly City Hall is pulling the wool over their eyes with The Rapids Parkway road extension.

If you want to get an idea of what your nature trail could look like once they’re done, look to the south.

You will notice a road there with no name. On Google Earth it is identified as Howard Watson Nature Trail. It’s hard to find because the signs they had installed have been removed. The signs denoted it as The Rapids Parkway.

The road we are talking about is south of London Road between Swiss Chalet and Harvey’s. There are four lanes for traffic and one sidewalk on the Harvey’s side. Poor excuse to call any of that a nature trail.

The point I’m making is that they have already erased the nature trail in one area, so what’s to stop them from using that destructive method in other areas. I have not seen any plans that incorporate “nature” as part of the process.

The Rapids development area already has three roads of access to and from the area. Those roads lead to two major arteries, Modeland and Michigan. Probably just as much access as any other developed subdivision.

Wiltshire subdivision has access only to Michigan and Murphy, which seems about the same level of access and has served the area for years.

Perhaps if they go ahead with The Rapids Parkway extension they should also provide the Wiltshire subdivision with more access. They could build an access road through Wiltshire Park. Shouldn’t be a problem because parks are nature and roads are more important than nature.

Lets save the city millions of our dollars and put The Rapids Parkway idea into the garbage can as a really bad idea.

Rick McLean


Cemetery turning off the water supply ridiculous

Sir: I was at a local cemetery a couple of weeks ago planting flowers at my husband’s gravesite. When I went to water them, no water came out of the tap.

The office was closed so when I got home I sent them an email. I was advised the water would be turned off ALL summer because they’re unable to keep all the taps clean!

There’s one tap behind the office building, so you either have to take your own water or traipse all the way up there.
I find this absolutely ridiculous.

We are all responsible adults, and it is up to us to wash our hands or use sanitizer that many of us have in our vehicles.
I have since removed the flowers from the gravesite.

Karen Waide


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