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Week of June 14

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Centennial Park cost overruns have cost Sarnia taxpayers million of dollars

Sir: Margaret Misek-Evans is the Chief Administrative Officer of an administration at City Hall that hired a contractor to build a new boat launch that had never built a boat launch before, and which was responsible for massive overruns on the Centennial Park remediation and other projects.

We are talking about millions of dollars.

Where else but in government can you perform like this and still hold a job? The private sector would never allow this kind of performance.

But the fabulous city goes right along with all of this, and is very proud of how Centennial Park and the boat launch turned out.

This entire council needs to be voted out of office in this fall’s election. They have been a massive failure and have cost the city of Sarnia millions and millions of dollars!

Steve Anderson


We need to use local labour to have a trained workforce


Sir: Regarding the news Great Lakes Secondary won’t be ready for September because of a skilled labour shortage.

Maybe if we used local workers more often we’d have enough of then ready and trained in town when needed.

The natural gas man is from London, the Internet people are from the U.S. The Lambton College expansion used out-of-town labour.

At the Sarnia Sports and Entertainment Centre, the concessions are from out of town.

I think these things make a difference.


Cam Ross


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