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Week of December 16

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Budget numbers from City Hall could use more clarity

Sir: A comparison of the City of Sarnia’s 2021 capital budget to its 2022 draft capital budget shows a lack of clarity in actual amounts of money allocated to capital projects in each calendar year.

For example, in 2021 about $3.8 million was allocated to the oversized load corridor project, and in 2022 $5.2 million was allocated to the same project.

Since the oversized load corridor project is estimated to cost the city about $5.8 million there appears to be double counting over the years.

Another example is the Plank Road reconstruction. The 2021 capital budget allocates $4.7 million to the project, while the 2022 capital budget allocated a total of $8.75 million. Since the total is expected to cost $8.75 million, we again see double counting.

Why does this matter? Based on these two examples, Sarnia has overstated its capital budget spend in 2022 by $8.5 million. There needs to be clarity in how money is carried over from the previous year versus new money allocated.

In future, I suggest the city separate carried-over projects and new projects on its capital project list. This would also give taxpayers some idea on the completion of capital projects on a year over year basis.

Sarnia taxpayers need to understand how much money our city is investing in our assets, and for that, accuracy matters. Respectfully,

Susan MacFarlane


Council, please, Bright’s Grove needs the Hub project

Sir: As a longtime resident of Bright’s Grove, I am writing to encourage city council to seriously consider going forward with the Bright’s Grove Hub project.

With the erosion of the shoreline, more houses going up and more trees going down, we as a community need this positive initiative.

It is time to try to get back some of the charm and character that attracted me to this region in the first place.

An expanded library building would create a sense of community, support the arts, and allow greater accessibility for all ages and cultures.

Thank you, and best regards.

Kathy Elliott

Bright’s Grove

Hats off to all for completing Climate Change Action Plan

Sir: Climate Action Sarnia Lambton would like to congratulate and acknowledge city staff members for all the work they did to contribute to the Climate Change Action Plan and Implementation Strategy.

As a group, we are quite aware that each department took on the added work necessary to make this document happen in a timely manner.

We also want to congratulate the Environmental Advisory Committee who worked in conjunction with city staff. A big thanks goes out to these fellow citizens for giving of their time to this important initiative.

And a high-five to our city council for unanimously voting in support of the Climate Change Action Plan and Implementation Strategy.

Marian Blondé

Climate Action Sarnia Lambton

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