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The Sarnia Journal’s weekly trivia challenge

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1 – What swimming stroke is named after an insect?


2 – Which multi-talented Sarnia Legionnaire forward also writes and records rap music?


3 – In terms of technology companies, what does the “I” stand for in IBM?


4 – Kevin McHarg, John Rochon, and Geraldine Robertson are three Sarnians among many who were recently named to what list?


5 – In Victor Hugo’s novel, what is the name of the Hunchback of Notre Dame?


6 – At what convenience store chain can you buy a Big Gulp?


7 – What two American inventors were bike mechanics who changed the world of transportation, but not in cycling?


8 – Anthony Hopkins, Richard Burton, Christian Bale and Catherine Zeta-Jones were born in what country?


9 – Which Peanuts character often pulled the football out from Charlie Brown?


10 – What famous American does Adolf Hitler mention favourably in his book Mein Kampf?


Tom St. Amand


ANSWERS: 1 – Butterfly; 2 – Zach Vanderwal; 3 – International; 4 – The Mayor’s Honour List for 2017; 5 – Quasimodo; 6 – 7-Eleven; 7 – Wright Brothers; 8 – Wales; 9 – Lucy; 10 – Henry Ford.




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