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The Sarnia Journal’s trivia challenge

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1 – The logo of what Canadian chain of stores is an inverted red triangle?

2 – What type of fish, weighing 16.69 kilograms and one of the biggest ever caught, did Sarnian Patrick Surdyka recently catch at Bridgeview Marina?

3 – In literature, where were Geoffrey Chaucer”s pilgrims going?

4 – Pals with Paws is a program that brings therapy dogs, if invited, into whose homes?

5 – What would you be sitting in if you did an Eskimo roll?

6 – Sarnian Jenny Liz Rome has an expertise in high demand in what field?

7 – What kind of electricity can be produced by combing your hair?

8 – July 9th marked the 30,000th time that a daily “Last Post ceremony” was performed at what World War I memorial—it includes the names of over 6,900 Canadians, and at least seven young men from Sarnia?

9 – What movie series’ three-fingered salute has become a real symbol of resistance in Thailand against a recent military coup?

10 – An Illinois brewery recently unveiled “Captain Serious #19 Pale Ale” in honour of what Chicago athlete?

– Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – Canadian Tire; 2 – Carp; 3 – Canterbury; 4 – Patients with Alzheimer’s; 5 – Kayak; 6 – Art; 7 – Static; 8 – Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres, Belgium; 9 – The Hunger Games Trilogy; 10 – Jonathon Toews (Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks)


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