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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – Le Pere Noel and Babbo Natale are French and Italian versions of what familiar character?


2 – Sarnian Rachel Riley won a silver medal in what sport in France last month?


3 – In 1949, what Canadian province became the last to join Confederation?


4 – David Saint-Jacques recently became the first Canadian to live here since Sarnia’s Chris Hadfield did so in 2012-13?  Where?


5 – What Christmas song, composed in 1944, has been pulled from several Canadian radio stations for its objectionable and suggestive lyrics?


6 – What eye condition comes from the Latin word for “waterfall” or “running water.”?


7 – According to Bob Dylan and several other sources, what is the best selling musical instrument in the world?


8 – In the game of snooker, which ball has the highest point value?  Yellow Green   Black


9 – What, in Paris, is the Sorbonne?


10 – The highly classified top-secret military base, known as Area 51, is found in what U.S. state?



– Tom St. Amand (Column #221)


ANSWERS: 1 – Santa Claus; 2 – Gymnastics; 3 – Newfoundland; 4 – International Space Station; 5 – Baby, It’s Cold Outside; 6 – Cataract; 7 – Harmonica; 8 – Black (worth seven points); 9 – University; 10 – Nevada.


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