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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – What team recently won this year’s World Series?


2 – On Nov. 15, what Corunna venue will host a Poor Boy Luncheon to start the annual “Operation Christmas Tree”, a holiday food and toy collection program?


3 – What is the capital of Texas?

    Austin         Dallas         Houston


4 – What local motorcycle club recently raised $1,500 and filled a minivan with toys for St. Clair Child and Youth?


5 – What is the pigment that causes plants to be green?


6 – What six-letter word can be a vegetable, a racquet sport and a verb meaning to crush?


7 – In which Ernest Hemingway novel does the main character, a Cuban fisherman named Santiago, battle a marlin?


8 – Which is colder:  the South Pole or North Pole?


9 – According to the Rupert Holmes song, if you like what drink you might also like “getting caught in the rain.”?


10 – What nationality was the First World War female spy known as Mata Hari?


– Tom St. Amand (column #216)


ANSWERS: 1 – Boston Red Sox; 2 – Legion Hall on Albert Street; 3 – Austin; 4 –Lady Luck Riders; 5 – Chlorophyll; 6 – Squash; 7 – The Old Man and the Sea; 8 – South Pole; 9 – Pina Coladas; 10 – Dutch.



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