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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – Whose autobiography was entitled “The Long Walk to Freedom?”

2 -With a possible start date of this fall, federal grant money will be used to widen and finish what trail?

3 – In the fairy tale, what did Jack exchange to obtain five magic beans?

4 – The recent “Day of Caring” signalled the kick off to what community 2015 fundraising campaign?

5 – Bucharest is the capital of what European country?

6 – Although it has been located since 1953 at the corner of Ontario and Proctor Streets, what service has existed in Sarnia since 1861?

7 – On pinball machines, what feature was originally referred to as a “stool pigeon”?

8 – Last June, what type of classroom did students at Alexander Mackenzie Secondary School and Errol Road Public School construct at Errol Road School?

9 – When the movie fad starring what fictional figure started in the 1960s, he was called “Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” in Italy?

10 – Celine Dion recorded two songs that won the Academy Award as Best Song from what two films (both in the 1990s)?

– Tom St. Amand


ANSWSERS: 1 – Nelson Mandela; 2 – Howard Watson Trail; 3 – His family’s cow; 4 – United Way; 5 – Romania; 6 – Sarnia’s Farmers’ Market (moved from downtown because of damage from tornado); 7 – Tilt; 8 -Outdoor Classroom/Garden; 9 – James Bond; 10 – “Beauty and the Beast” (1991); Titanic “My Heart Will Go On” (1998)












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