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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – In sports, what city is host to the Cowboys, the Stars and the Mavericks?


2 – What type of arcade will be opening this Labour Day at a London Line venue?


3 – Next to PEI, what is the smallest Canadian province by area?


4 – In what decade did the Sisters of St. Joseph build St. Joseph’s hospital, the current site of Bluewater Health?

  1920s        1930s       1940s        1950s   


5 – Pretoria is the administrative capital city of which country?


6 – Parts of Howard Watson Trail were closed recently to allow city parks workers to apply herbicide to what invasive reed?


7 – All American: What actor received nominations for both American Hustle and American Sniper?


8 – If you stop at a patisserie, what are you visiting?


9 – In China, it is unlucky to present what as a gift?

    Clock         Dragon          Socks


10 – Before what inventor used his printing press to produce copies of the Bible in 1455, he had first used it to make playing cards for gamblers?


– Tom St. Amand 


ANSWERS: 1 – Dallas; 2 – Virtual Reality, 3 – Nova Scotia; 4 – 1940s; 5 – South Africa; 6 – Phragmites’ 7 – Bradley Cooper ; 8 – A bakery or pastry shop; 9 – A clock; 10 – Johannes Gutenberg





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