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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – What member of Britain’s royal family announced recently he/she was withdrawing from all public duties?

2 – Theatre Sarnia’s current musical production is based on what Charles Dickens’ novel?

3 – Channel your inner Shakespeare: What woman’s name is used for the letter “J” in the NATO phonetic alphabet?

4 – What elementary school saw both its boys’ and its girls’ basketball teams go undefeated this year en route to capturing their respective North End Championships?

5 – In which decade did a goaltender last play in the NHL without wearing a mask?

6 – Northern Collegiate grad and former Miss Teen Sarnia, Shreya Patel, is making a name for herself in what field?

7 – Highlighted in the film Hidden Figures, who was the second American astronaut to go into space and the oldest to make a repeat trip in 1998?

8 – The Sarnia-Lambton Municipal IODE has been very active in the community since 1938? What does IODE stand for?

9 – What animal represents the financial market when, for a period of several months, asset prices consistently rise or are expected to rise?

10 – What creature do experts believe is the likely source of the deadly Ebola virus?

– Tom St. Amand



ANSWERS: 1 – Prince Philip; 2 – Oliver Twist; 3 – Juliet; 4 – Cathcart Boulevard School; 5 – 1970s   (1974); 6 – Film (actor and filmmaker); 7 – John Glenn; 8 – Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire; 9 – Bull; 10 – Bats













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