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The Sarnia Journal Trivia Challenge

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1 – The name of what type of soup is used sometimes to describe thick fog?

2 – Simply wonderful! The Whitton family recently donated $100,000 to the Inn of the Good Shepherd and to what Mitton Street shelter?

3 – How much money does one receive for passing “GO” in the board game, Monopoly?

4 – City council recently approved using $90,000 to replace the bleachers at what prominent sports park in the city?

5 – What scientist invented the three laws of motion?

6 – What was the name of the union that challenged the communist regime in Poland in the 1980s?

7 – Which Vancouver born actor stars in the movie Deadpool?

8 – To pay tribute to her upbringing and to her parents who both worked as garbage collectors, Miss Thailand wore a dress made of what at this year’s Miss Universe preliminary competition? a) aluminum tabs from cans    b) garbage bags    c) plastic

9 – In 2023, a Canadian runner has begun running marathons in hopes of breaking the Guinness World Record for most marathons run in one year by a male. What is the current record? (within 15)

10 – Lollywood is the name given to the film industry in which Asian country?            Bangladesh        India      Pakistan

– Tom St. Amand (Column #378)


ANSWERS: 1 – Pea Soup; 2 – River City Vineyard; 3 – $200; 4 –Norm Perry Park; 5 –Isaac Newton; 6 – Solidarity; 7 – Ryan Reynolds; 8 – a) aluminum tabs from cans; 9 – 239 marathons; 10 – Pakistan

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