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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1) What weapon is wielded by the Marvel superhero Thor?


2) What city-owned community centre on East Street has re-opened after a seven-month closure?


3) Which one of the following is not considered a music tempo?

a) Allegro   b) Ambrocio   c) Presto


4) Hosted by Climate Action Sarnia-Lambton, small teams of volunteers last month planted over 400 native trees in what Sarnia park?


5) In which Stephen King novel is a car one of the main characters?


6) The moon is approximately ___% the size of the Earth? (within five percent)


7) In which country did the sport of orienteering originate?   Sweden Switzerland USA


8) Last week, for the first time ever, chimpanzees in West Africa were found to be infected with what disease?


9) Model Cameron Diaz made her film debut as the character Tina Carlyle in what 1994 comedy and smash hit starring Jim Carrey?


10) The United Arab Emirates is a federation of how many emirates?



– Tom St. Amand (Column #310)



ANSWERS: 1 – Hammer; 2 – Strangway Centre; 3 – Ambrocio; 4 – Mike Weir Park; 5 – Christine; 6 – 27%; 7 – Sweden; 8 – Leprosy; 9 – The Mask; 10 – Seven.

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