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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – How many legs do butterflies have?


2 – What downtown street is named for a controversial non-royal who became Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland after the English Civil War?


3 – Springfield is the fictional hometown of what cartoon family?


4 – To deter vandals, what have been installed at the Children’s Animal Farm?


5 – In which century was volleyball first played?


6 – The orangutan King Louie was voiced by Louis Prima in which 1967 Disney film?


7 – What novel series was authored by a number of different writers under the pen name Franklin W. Dixon?


8 – Besides their age and their nationality, what do 88% of Japan’s 80,000 centenarians have in common?


9 – Which continent has the greatest number of people who speak French?


10 – Residents in a town in Quebec are considering a new name for their town. What is it called at the moment?

a) Asbestos b) Plantation c) Slave City


– Tom St. Amand (column #303)


ANSWERS: 1 – Six; 2 – Cromwell Street, 3 – The Simpsons; 4 – Surveillance Cameras; 5 – 19th (1895); 6 – The Jungle Book; 7 – Hardy Boys; 8 – They are female; 9 – Africa; 10 – a) Asbestos.

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