The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

1 – An instrument for drawing circles and a navigational device are both called what?


2 – Brazilian Fernanda Cunha, who is attending Lambton College as an international student, is a noted

a) singer   b) artist c)  athlete


3 – In 1906, Fran Rose made the prototype of what pest killer by attaching squares of window screen to yardsticks?


4 – Built in 1888, what historic church at the corner of Brock and George Streets has been sold?


5 – What is larger: the African or the Asian elephant?


6 – Of blue, white, red, and green, which colour is not on the current flag of Russia?


7 – What do you do with a balaclava: a) drink it b) eat it c) wear it


8 – Vermont is proposing legislation that would make it the first state to permit the use of what on its vanity license plates?


9 – Besides being the name of a computer font, Helvetica is also the Latin name for what European country?


10 – In what two provinces would you find Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park?


Tom St. Amand (column #280)


ANSWERS: 1 – Compass; 2 – a) singer; 3 – Fly Swatter; 4 – Central United Church; 5 – African elephant; 6 – Green; 7 – c) Wear it; 8 – Emojis; 9 – Switzerland; 10 – Saskatchewan and Alberta.