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1.      The lyrics to “Silent Night” were originally written in what language?

2.      Last week, the Sarnia Sting honoured what player who, in 211 games with the Sting, scored 165 goals and tallied 311 points, both franchise scoring records?

3.      Covering over 1,500,000 square kilometers, what province is Canada’s largest?

4.      Sarnia residents who have built a new home or have moved into a home since 2012 will be receiving a free what, thanks to a donation of $10,000 from Nova Chemicals?

5.      What captain fought the mutiny on his ship, the H.M.S.  Bounty?

6.      What generous Sarnian donated $10,000 in 1932 to help the city purchase land for a waterfront park we now call Canatara Park?  Hint:  She has a park and a school named after her.

7.      “Jumbo shrimp” and “Loud silence” are examples of what figure of speech?

8.      A recent Globe and Mail article revealed that of all places for retirees to live in Canada, Sarnia ranked where?

5th                  7th                9th                  11th

9.      How many hearts does an octopus have?

10.    The first model of what, built in 1893, consisted of 2,200 tons of steel, rose 268 feet, and had thirty-six cars each carrying sixty people?

– Tom St. Amand


ANSWERS: 1 – German  (Stille Nacht 1816; 2 – Jon Sims; 3 – Quebec; 4 –- Blue Box; 5- Bligh (William); 6 – Maud MacAdams Hanna; 7 – Oxymoron; 8 – 5th (Behind Crystal Beach, Sechelt, Bay of Quinte, and Nanaimo . . . but ahead of so many others); 9 – Three; 10 – Ferris Wheel  (Built by George Ferris for the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago)










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