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1.         In 1995, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry went to three men for their studies on the depletion of what layer of the atmosphere?

2.        Cox Gardens, named after local philanthropist Norma Cox and featuring such items as a gazebo, a stage, walkways, and a reflective pool, is being developed in what existing Sarnia park?

3.         What famous Renaissance figure had the surname Buonarroti?

4.         If you’re walking on the east side of Front Street and meet “Calamity”, what object would you be seeing?

5.         Who was last seen publicly outside a Michigan restaurant on July 30, 1975?

6.         In the current World Under 17 Hockey Challenge taking place in Sarnia and Lambton County, four countries outside Canada and the United States are participating.  For one point, name three.  For two points, name all four.

7.         In your computer, ROM stands for what?

8.         What percentage of Sarnia’s eligible voters chose to vote in last week’s municipal election?

9.         What geometric shape are the black sections of a soccer ball?

10.       What two-word term entered the English language after a pilot reported seeing nine of them near Mount Rainier in June 1947?

–  Tom St. Amand

 ANSWERS: 1 –  Ozone;  2 – Germain Park;  3 – Michelangelo;  4 – Sherman tank in front of the Sarnia Legion;  5 – Jimmy Hoffa;  6 – Finland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden;  7 – Read Only Memory;  8 – 37%;  9 –  Pentagon;  10 – Flying Saucer (Flying Saucers)


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