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See how you do at The Journal’s Trivia Challenge

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1 – Charles Grodin and Bonnie Hunt starred in what 1992 movie featuring a lovable St. Bernard named after a classical composer?

2 – What local marina is the third largest, fully serviced marina on the Great Lakes?

3 – In 1870, the HMS Endeavour was the ship that took what explorer and his crew to Botany Bay in Australia?

4 – What group’s final concert will be broadcast live at Canatara Park this Saturday evening?

5 – When Swiss engineer George DeMaestral took a walk in the woods and examined the burrs sticking to his clothing, he was inspired to create what product?

6 – Lost in Translation is the name of one of Sarnia’s newest what?

7 – What name is given to dried and germinated barley?

8 – Who is the new mayor of Point Edward, replacing former mayor Larry MacKenzie?

9 – What are the narrow curtains that hang on the sides of a theater stage called? (Hint: a body part)

10 – In January 1919, actors Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and Charlie Chaplin were part of a group that formed what still existing film company?

– Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1- Beethoven; 2 – Bridgeview Marina; 3 – James Cook; 4 – Tragically Hip; 5 – Velcro; 6 – Heavy metal/rock; 7 – Malt; 8 – Bev Hand; 9 – Legs; 10 – United Artists.




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