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Sarnia retiree makes a point by staying active

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Troy Shantz

Ross Robertson is an 84-year-old avid golfer who has unexpectedly found an edge at another sport — axe and knife throwing.

“The first one I threw stuck in the wall and it was all set,” he said. “I absolutely love it.”

Last November, after hanging up the club for the season, he found himself at Valley Axe on the Golden Mile, which has an indoor and outdoor throwing range.

“I haven’t met anybody in here that hasn’t been friendly; they’ll show you anything,” he said. “I can’t remember their names… but I’ve met a dozen that are just super.”

Robertson now heads to the range five-days a week and arrives at 2 p.m. sharp.

“He always gets his Pepsi,” said general manager Rachel Frauley. “It’s like having your grandpa at the range.”

Robertson entered his first tournament last month and placed 12th. His score was just three points shy of moving him from beginner to intermediate class.

The former Polysar employee said throwing blades is a perfect activity for retirees, although he conceded with a laugh his wife called him “a damned fool” for taking it up.

Robertson’s season at the range is done for now. But he plans to stay at it through the summer using a newly erected range in his garage.

“If you can’t go to Florida you’ve gotta do something,” he said.

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