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Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – Who picked a peck of pickled peppers?

2 – Built by a lumber baron in 1892 as a home for his family, what current downtown arts center do some people consider to be haunted?

3 – Besides deep water, what additional deterrent did a medieval moat offer against invaders who wanted to storm a castle?

4 – The baseball field at Errol Russell Park was recently renamed after what late local sports legend?

5 – The term “Canadian Oil, low acid” was condensed to what one word?

6 – What ethnic festival has been held in Sarnia since 1972 and is named after the patron saint of the sick?

7 – Wild, a 2014 movie based on a novel by Cheryl Strayed, chronicles a woman who attempts a solo what?

8 – What local chiropractor is going to the Olympics in Rio as part of Canada’s track and field medical team?

9 –  When first introduced to Europe, what substance was known as Arabian wine?

10 – What two U.S. cities have the same name, are the largest cities in their states, but are not state capitals?

– Tom St. Amand

ANSWER: 1 – Peter Piper; 2 – The Lawrence House; 3 – Moat was also a sewer; 4 – Stan Slack;  5 –  Canola; 6 –  San Rocco Festival; 7 – Hike; 8 – Dr. John Vargo; 9 – Coffee; 10 – Portland, Oregon, and Portland , Maine.













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