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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1.      What 60-year-old Christmas classic features the characters Betty and Judy Haynes and such songs as “Let it Snow” and “Sisters”?

2.      Where in Point Edward would you find the Souls Memorial, a thin stone monument that contains, among other features, a series of faces that Anishinaabe artist Dennis Henry-Shawnoo designed and sculpted?

3.      Sidney Crosby was one of more than a dozen NHL player recently sidelined by what virus?

4.      Since 1986, the volunteer organization Rayjon Share Care of Sarnia has endeavoured to improve the lives of what country’s residents?

5.      Which country accounts for a third of the world’s coffee production?

6.      Since 2012, what has been the name of the tall lion who is Lambton College’s mascot?  Hint:  a six-letter verb that means to leap at or to take by surprise

7.      Due to be released on Christmas Day in North America, what film directed by Angelina Jolie is causing outrage in Japan?

8.      In what year was Highway 402 finally completed, connecting Sarnia to Highway 401 in London?

1976                 1979                  1982                    1985

9.      In history, who was the 15th century uneducated farmer’s daughter who believed she was sent by God to save France from the English in the Hundred Years War?

10.    A Victorian child is given a penny farthing for Christmas.  What does he/she do with it?

a)    Reads it    b) Rides it      c) Licks it      d)   Drinks it


– Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – White Christmas; 2 – Beneath the Blue Water Bridges; 3 – Mumps; 4 – Haiti; 5 – Brazil; 6 – Pounce; 7 – Unbroken; 8 – 1982; 9 – Joan of Arc; 10 – b)  Rides it (It’s a bicycle with a large front wheel and a small front wheel)









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