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Sarnia Journal Trivia Challenge

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1 – In the early 1890s, what nickname for Chicago was coined, allegedly in reference to its bombastic and boastful politicians?

2 – What group meets monthly at the Limbo Lounge for a social gathering and an informal discussion of environmental issues?

3 – What’s in a name?  According to author J. K. Rowling, what is the correct pronunciation of  “Voldemort”, the evil wizard in the Harry Potter series?

4 – What household device, according to Sarnia Fire and Rescue, should be replaced every ten years and will cost a homeowner a fine of $365 if it’s not working properly?

5 – 1977 was the last use of which means of execution in France?

6 – What acclaimed writer, director, and producer from Sarnia had two of her films shown last week for SWIFF (Southwestern Ontario International Film Festival)?

7 – Although brothers Clarence and John Anglin were thought to have drowned escaping from where in 1962, family members now claim both are married and living in Brazil?

8 – How long is the St. Clair River (within 15 kilometers)?

9 – He was born Vincent Furnier in 1948, but what female name did this eccentric singer take as his stage name?

10 – The earliest written accounts of travels on the Silk Road to China were recorded 700 year ago by which European explorer?

– Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – Windy City; 2 – Green Drinks Sarnia; 3 – Vol-De-Mor (the “t” is silent); 4 – Smoke Detector; 5 – Guillotine; 6 – Patricia Rozema; 7 – Alcatraz; 8 – 65 kilometres; 9 – Alice Cooper; 10 – Marco Polo











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