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Sarnia Journal Trivia Challenge

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1. Venus de Milo, the ancient marble statue thought to represent the goddess Aphrodite, is missing what body parts?

2. What recent fundraiser at the Lambton Mall saw local men wearing red high-heeled shoes to draw attention to victims of rape, sexual assault and domestic violence?

3. In what sport do the participants use crampons?

4. Phil Egan, Ron Smith and Laura Greaves have signed on as the Board of Directors of what 50-year-old local organization?

5. London, England’s subway system is known as the what?

6. Local cyclists are reminded that they are to ride on roads, not sidewalks and that they are legally required to wear a helmet if they are under what age?

7. What singer helped Janet Jackson to a 2004 Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction”?

8. At what Canadian competition are Sarnia students Caleb WInder, Priyank Patel,  Devarsh Shah, Joy Shah and Parth Vaachharajani participating in this week in Fredericton, NB?

9. In the Peanuts cartoon, what did Charlie Brown’s father, ironically, do for a living?

10. After India and China, name the three most populated countries in the world based on 2014 demographic studies. Get two for one point; all three for two points.

– Tom St. Amand



1 – Her arms; 2 – Walk a Mile In Her Shoes; 3 – Mountaineering/Mountain Climbing; 4 – Sarnia Historical Society; 5 – The Tube; 6 – 18; 7 – Justin Timberlake; 8 – Canada-Wide Science Fair; 9 – Barber; 10 – United States, Indonesia, Brazil

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