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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1.      How many standard time zones are there in the world?

2.      This is no April Fool’s Joke: Locally, what will be closing for resurfacing and undercoating for three months (scheduled April 1 to July 1)?

3.      Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon star as Oscar and Felix in what 2015 TV sitcom?

4.      When Sarnia officially became a city in 1914, who was Canada’s Prime Minister? (A street in Sarnia is named for him)

5.      When medieval Europeans mentioned Cathay, they referred to a country we now call what?

6.      What award did 15-year-old Sarnian Alysha Bellyk win earlier this year – an award that has her going to a national competition in August?

7.      The standard wedding vow of “to love, honour and cherish” used to read “to love, honour and _______”?

8.      What flowers appear on Sarnia’s official crest or coat of arms?  a) Trilliums b) Guernsey Lilies c) Daffodils

9.      What English idiom evolved from the ancient legend about a bird, silent throughout its lifetime, that sings loudly just before death?

10.    According to Emily Post, the etiquette expert, when is it acceptable to text while dining?

–       Tom St. Amand


ANSWERS: 1 – 24; 2 – Original Blue Water Bridge (North span); 3 – The Odd Couple; 4 – Robert Borden; 5 – China; 6 – Miss Teenage Sarnia; 7 – Obey; 8 – b) Guernsey Lilies; 9 – Swan Song; 10 – When you are dining alone












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