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Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1.         In what city does Batman (Bruce Wayne) reside?

2.         Friday, Feb. 20th marks the 20th anniversary of what major fundraiser for Bluewater Health?

3.         How many lines are in a Haiku, a Japanese poem?

4.         To attract foreign investment and to aid local exporters, Sarnia-Lambton’s Chamber of Commerce has become partners with what city’s Chamber of Commerce?

5.         Since 1950 what Canadians have lived at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa?

6.         For those who wish to ice fish locally, the ice should be a minimum of how many centimeters thick (according to the Ministry of Natural Resources)?

7.         In what musical and movie of the same name would you find the characters Danny Zuko, Sandy Olsen and Rizzo?

8.         In his 2014 autobiography Mr. Hockey: My Story, what author reveals that he suffered a memorable injury when he played in an exhibition game in Sarnia?

9.         Two months are named after actual people.  Name one for one point; both for two points.

10.       Celebrated worldwide every Feb. 12, Red Hand Day is an event that draws attention to the injustice of using what group of people as soldiers in wars and armed conflicts?

–       Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – Gotham City; 2 – Dream Home Lottery; 3 – Three; 4 – London, Ont.; 5 – Prime Ministers of Canada and their families; 6 – Grease; 7 – 10 Centimeters (20 cms for snowmobiles; 30 cms for other light vehicles); 8 –  Gordie Howe (broken collarbone); 9 – July and August (Julius Caesar; Augustus Caesar); 10 – Children










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