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Pipeline replacement complete

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Enbridge has finished replacing a section of its Line 5 oil pipeline where it passes beneath the St. Clair River.

A bore hole was drilled under the river and the replacement pipe pulled through from one side to the other.

The project was completed on schedule and without incident, and the pipeline went into service on July 31, the company said.

Line 5 is a major pipeline that carries oil and natural gas liquids from Western Canada to Sarnia. It is used by U.S. and local refineries to produce propane, gasoline, and asphalt, and it provides the feedstock for chemical, plastic and rubber manufacturers.

Last month, a Michigan judge allowed Enbridge to resume pumping oil through the pipeline again after a structure that anchors a section at the bottom of the Straits of Mackinac was damaged.

Michigan’s governor and environmental groups have criticized the pipeline, which they say poses a safety hazard.

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