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Local voters showed little interest in electoral reform

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Journal Staff

A Camlachie man who helped organized a series of electoral reform meetings says he wasn’t surprised when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau broke his promise to replace the current voting system.

“Though they’re not entirely happy with how their political parties function, (Canadians) feel pretty good about their country, and they feel relatively secure in an insecure world,” said Bob Sutton, a member of the Sarnia Lambton Inter-Party Electoral Reform Committee.

The committee organized three public meetings and gathered feedback from 100 participants before Trudeau abandoned his campaign promise earlier this month to replace the current first-past-the-post system.

But local interest in the issue wasn’t there, Sutton said.

“While some people are genuinely engaged and interested in the routines of the political process, in spite of all the publicity we did we didn’t get a mass turnout, by any means.”

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