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Letters, week of Sept. 4

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Drive Clean is highway robbery

Sirs: Re: Three dumb things government has done with your money

Great article, but the Drive Clean segment could have included much more stupidity.

1) This tax grab has gone much farther, by changing the measurement of the tailpipe emissions to the computer chip readout. If there is any problem, from tire pressure, light problem, air conditioning, etc. (anything going to the computer chip in the vehicle) it will register an emission failure.

2) Retesting is required because a failure notice occurred. One local garage was charging approximately $135 last year.

3) If the repairs will exceed $500, the automobile will automatically be passed. So much for clean air!

4) My problem: a 2000 Avalon with a problem with a tire pressure to computer chip. This occurred six to seven years ago and Toyota said it was not worth repairing because of the cost. The previous three tests using the tail pipe measurement showed excellent results.

Drive Clean is robbery.

Mac James

Bright’s Grove


Sign bylaw complaint misunderstood

Sir: I would like to respond to two letters published Aug. 21 regarding Sarnia’s sign bylaw.

May I say that at no time was I referring in my letter to signs that can be a distraction to drivers, the size of the signs or the restrictions imposed on mobile signs. Read my letter clearly.

When I refer to petty sign bylaws, I was referring to the Matteo’s Pizza business being two metres short to allow for a sign placed on his property. That is petty!

I think more business owners should come forward with their complaints. Maybe a special organization should be formed to help small businesses get some things done to help them. Sick of hearing Sarnia being compared to other cities!

Sure, if signs are way too large or obstructing traffic, that is different. Don’t read into something more then I was referring to.

I do not believe there was enough time or input on this change at all. And from what I read and heard, there was very little interest from the public.

And a word to Peter Smith. This city is a beautiful and attractive city, so signs are not a hindrance.

Maybe Centennial Park is, though, with all that fencing and the grass that was so badly neglected for about a year, and then costing the city $4,000 to have someone cut it.

It would really be interesting to read and see the process the city went through in preparing this new sign bylaw.

Oh, and also I think the public should be aware of how easy bylaws can be changed to suit anyone who is willing to take it to a special hearing. I attended a hearing to support a small business owner and he won. Different stokes for different folks people! Is this a fair system?

 Marie Timperley






Speeders back on Lakeshore

Sir: The “Sarnia Speedway” reopened this week, otherwise known as Lakeshore Road, west of Telfer Sideroad.

Hopefully, there will be no deaths or injuries because of the excessive speeding on this formerly quiet and pleasant road.

 S. White


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