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Letters: week of Jan. 25

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Concerned about electronic voting


A while ago I read an article in The Journal about the coming election for council. The city manager was quoted in the article as saying the various homes in the city would vote via a mobile facility.

As a resident of a retirement home, I have two questions: Why does the city manager know more about the election than the mayor? (Is the tail wagging the dog at city hall?)

Most people in the facilities are not computer literate and don’t trust that the person they voted for did not receive their vote.

There must be a mechanism to verify to their satisfaction that the vote was properly recorded.

Jim Donaghue


Grateful for good care
Praise for Bluewater Health

Recently I had a two-day stay in the Bluewater hospital for an operation.

Everyone involved was very professional with friendly, smiling care, from the lady in admittance to every nurse in all the stations, Dr. Schultz and Dr. Suryavanshi.

Both doctors explained everything and put me at peace before and after the operation.

I have only praise for the always-smiling, hard-working nurses at day surgery. Thank you.


John Helle


Thanks to Dave Brown and his staff at Bridgeview Marina

As we start the New Year we look back at those who helped us in 2017.

The Bluewater Anglers would like to thank Dave Brown and the staff at Bridgeview Marina, along with assistance from the City of Sarnia, for their continued support in 2017. Their efforts during the 2017 Salmon Derby were amazing. Additional Bridgeview staff was required to look after very busy days with lots of boats going in and out, with no injuries. It was a great feat.

The Bridgeview Marina last year helped the 2017 Salmon Derby be a financial success.

The derby is the major fundraiser that keeps our hatchery open.

Dave Brown, a true community leader, has committed to helping us again with launches for the 2018 Salmon Derby as we are unsure the new ramp facility will be open on time.

Thanks for your support and commitment to the Bluewater Anglers.

On behalf of the board of directors, the Salmon Derby Committee and local anglers, we appreciate your support.


Ed Holubowicz


‘Chemical Valley’ paints Sarnia in ugly light



As a life long resident of Lambton County, largely Sarnia, I have learned to dislike the term “Chemical Valley”.

First of all, there is no Valley. Secondly, it paints a horrible picture of our industry.

Sarnia’s “Industrial Corridor ” has lived with this ugly moniker far too long.

The local industry is not what it once was. It’s vastly smaller, partially due to negative press.

Our industrial corridor is cleaner and safer with far fewer emissions.

We still live and work here, and most of us would like nothing else.

Please stop using this negative sounding moniker when reporting on our industrial corridor. It hurts everyone in the community.

Mike Lester


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