Letters: week of Dec. 20

Sarnia’s CAO has done a great job of managing the city’s business

Sir: Over the past few months, I have witnessed an increasing number of negative attacks on this city’s CAO.

These attacks, often including misstatements about finance, have come from a rural newspaper publisher and from a new city councillor during the election campaign.

I’m not sure what motivates one to promote such misleading drivel against another person. But, I find it disappointing and somewhat alarming that this continues to escalate in a fabulous city like Sarnia.

It contributes nothing to promote the area or foster harmony in the community.

I have met Margaret Misek-Evans on several occasions and was impressed. She is a consummate professional in her role; experienced, well educated, and has strength of conviction that few possess.

She has a solid grip on the operation of city management and a staff that overwhelmingly supports her. What I’ve heard from city staff is they can get things done because she is a decision-maker and allows her supervisory staff to function as they need to.

The Strategic Plan and Financial Statements she has presented in multiple venues are products of good management, and chart a defined course forward.

Unlike the published statements I referred to earlier, this city has repeatedly had surplus budgets resulting in debt reduction, and increased spending to infrastructure upgrades to an all time high.

The city has also moved into modern times with a very effective and progressive IT department. All signs of good management.

Margaret regularly appears at business events, especially those sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, which is the voice of small and large business alike in Sarnia-Lambton.

I am impressed by the positive way she presents our city and the knowledge she exhibits of its functions. Add to that, she takes the time to talk to anyone.

I have followed city management in Sarnia for several decades now and have to say it is very fortunate to have the best and most progressive manager it has seen during those years.

Thank you very much, Margaret Misek-Evans.

Glynn Cole