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Letters: week of April 4

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IC Robert Swayze’s final report to council was unprofessional

Sir: I thought it unprofessional that in his last report to Sarnia council former integrity commissioner Robert Swayze called on his successor, Paul Watson, to do his best to make sure council “works respectfully and co-operatively” with city staff.

Mr. Swayze is free to feel and think whatever he chooses about the exodus at city staff, the behavior of the mayor, or whatever “mode” he thinks the city of Sarnia is in, but his final report to council seemed a backhanded way to pass on his views and advice to Mr. Watson.

That he would feel the need to advise Mr. Watson at all seems rather demeaning, as though he doubts Mr. Watson’s ability to do the job.

As a professional, I would expect the personal opinions expressed by Mr. Swayze in his final report will be the last personal opinion he ever expresses on matters pertaining to the City of Sarnia.

Otherwise, his own integrity regarding business relationships would be questionable.

Dorothy Allan



A special tribute to a wonderful young man

His name is Billy Benson. He had “special needs” and lived life to the fullest, to his ability.

He had a million dollar smile that was contagious, and he was a great hugger.

His “Sunshine” dream was a trip to Disney World.

The spirit at his funeral visitation was amazing, with a lot of caregivers and visitors with special needs. There was sadness, having lost Billy, but there was a real high from the love that everyone shared for him.

I consider myself very fortunate to have known the Benson family, especially Billy and Logan, over the years.

One thing for sure — Billy is smiling down on us.


Marie Cebulski



About those “manhole” covers


Sir: I am wondering if any thought has been given to the access (manhole) covers on the streets where we now have bicycle lanes?

They are now directly in line for vehicles to run over them and are pretty much unavoidable. Most of these are well below the grade of the asphalt.

On the brighter side, this should be an increase in business for the automotive repair shops, as the vehicles will need front-end work.

Robert Crossett



Kudos to the authors of the ‘Streets of Sarnia’ book


Sir: My wife and I want to thank the supporters of the ‘Streets of Sarnia’ project.

Tom St. Amand and Randy Evans have produced an excellent and interesting book. It provides an overview of our city’s story and the background data makes it an excellent resource for teachers.

Jim L. Sekerak


Councillors should row together or ship out

Sir: Events of the past several months look suspiciously like an attempted coup at City Hall rather than random events.

First, remnants of the old administration staff sought to rehire Robert Swayze as Integrity Commissioner, despite the controversy he caused and the bias he displayed.

Next, we had ex-councillor Matt Mitro behind a 38-page report supported by ex-mayoral candidate Marie Gillis. They cite infractions by Mayor Bradley back to 2017 and complain of inappropriate behaviour by new councillors.

Both complaints make no sense. The former is two years late and should have been addressed while they were on council. The latter is of no concern to them, as they hold no city position.

Finally, Swayze saw the gravy train depart the station and he was not aboard. A new integrity commissioner was hired and it was not him. Now Swayze won’t be able to deal with Mitro’s and Gillis’s new complaints, ad infinitum.

His ability to milk Sarnia’s coffers and wreak mayhem has disappeared along with his tenure. So, he has written a rant to the new council telling them Sarnia is in a “crisis mode.” Ha!

Despite this fiasco, we should truly applaud Mitro and Gillis. No longer able to hide behind a “health and safety” mantle, their true colours are on display.

The complaint highlights to me both meanness and malice and an intent to sow destruction for a further four years.

Well, these two ex officios need to realize their time is up. The same goes for the Fab Five remnant on council and attendant new sycophants.

The new course is forward to a better city without constant internecine bickering. So shape up or ship out, councillors. Sarnia expects you to work as a united team.


Brian Wallace



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