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Letters, week of Oct. 9

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Bridge barriers won’t stop suicide

Sir: I am concerned about the Blue Water Bridge jumps that have happened over the last couple months in Sarnia-Port Huron.

I have heard they are considering putting up barriers, but do you honestly think that it’s going to work?

Adding barriers is not going to solve any problems. The barriers are going to add tonnes of weight to the bridge and that could cause a lot of safety issues.

Also, people can always climb over the barriers and still jump. I understand barriers might eliminate one way, but people are going to find other ways to harm themselves.

Mainly, all we do is complain about our town and about the amount of suicides and how it needs to stop. But city council has not done enough to try to stop it, or even bother to change it, and it has gotten ridiculous.

Aydan Willis-Demars



Trading peanut allergy for food addiction

Sir: Re: “Going Nuts – new therapy allows allergic city man to munch peanuts by the handful” (Sept. 25)

If Scott Molson continues to eat candy-coated peanuts “by the bagful” as he states in his interview for your article, he really is going nuts! By his own admission Scott eats “more peanuts than anyone I know” and bets that he consumes 80 M&Ms a day.

It sounds quite likely that Scott has traded one life-threatening condition for another; he appears no longer allergic to peanuts, but is now addicted to them.

Food addiction, especially to processed sweets, can be just as deadly. Scarfing down limitless amounts of candy can result in obesity, diabetes and heart disease. At 44 years old Mr. Molson is at a precarious age for lifestyle onset illnesses and he would be wise to use discretion with his food choices.

I can understand that Scott is delighted to have overcome his deadly peanut allergy. However, he needs to guard against overcompensating with indiscriminate overeating of sugar-coated nuts. Otherwise, his newfound freedom to enjoy life more fully may be compromised by a different set of problems.

Eating loads of candy is no way to celebrate. Health cannot be found in a candy bag; ditch the peanut candies, Scott and celebrate your new lease on health munching out on fresh fruits and veggies. Congratulations and good luck.

Sheila Kozmin

Point Edward


Human rights tribunal decision

Sir: Re: County loses discrimination case story of Oct. 2

Political correctness run amok.

Cornelia Otulakowski




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