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Letters, week of Feb. 5

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Surplus food going to waste

Sir: We are relatively new to Sarnia (seven years) and are dismayed at the large number of people who require support for their basic needs, and in particular food.

From experience in the UK, prior to our move to Canada, we were involved with the same problems and were an integral part of a movement that lobbied supermarkets for surplus food.

We acknowledged that a certain amount of food waste is unavoidable and that not all surplus food can be redistributed, but some can. Most food that is surplus is fresh, such as fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products.

It is fit for human consumption and compliant with current Health and Safety Legislation.

A partnership with local supermarkets to feed those in genuine need with this surplus food should not be difficult to organize. We already have the Inn of the Good Shepherd, to name but one.

There will always be those who abuse charitable, well-meaning organizations, but that should not be an obstacle to providing those in genuine need with fresh food that would otherwise be disposed of in landfills, etc.

Peter Clarke





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