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Letters to Santa:

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The Journal received 30 letters written to Santa Claus, and we’re pleased to say all of them have safely been delivered to the North Pole for processing by the elves. We wish all of our readers and advertisers, a very Merry Christmas.

To Santa

For Christmas this year I hope you can make presents for all the kids in the world and even the ones in poor countries. For Christmas this year can you give my dog pig ears for him to eat. His name is Price Dupuis. He’s a good dog but he likes to chew on couches and fluffy snow men. He also loves food. He will do anything to get food. He’s a rottweiler too. But I love him a lot. For Christmas I would like a new road hockey stick.

 Dylan Dupuis


Hi Santa!

I hope you give presents to everyone in the world this year for Christmas. My dogs name is price his last name is dupuis he will do anything for food. He mostly likes any kind of food he loves anything. What I want for Christmas. I want a new scooter, it is a mgp vx5 extreme, it is a really nice scooter. Bye Santa!

Jace Dupuis


Dear Santa

I would like my dad to feel good on Christmas Day. And I

wish my Elf would stop making a big mess.

Acie B.


Dear Santa

I would like some Shopkins and a Journey Girl with a bed

or some surprises. Please, please tell my Elf on the Shelf to please

come back next year

From Deirdre G.


Dear Santa

My name is Katie Fox and I am 2 1/2 years old. I have been a really good girl this year. I would like some Pet Shops so I can play with my big sister, Sarah. I would also like a pink hockey stick to play hockey with my brother, Michael. I will leave treats for you and the reindeers.

Love, Katie.


Dear Santa

For Christmas I would like a choo choo train. I think you

might have heard me at the Christmas parade yell that at you.

Isabella M.


Dear Santa

I have been a good girl this year. For Christmas I want

Barbie Glitter hair and a Barbie camper and a Barbie horse that comes with a Barbie. Christmas cookies and some milk will be waiting for you. Merry Christmas Santa!

Brooklyn B.


Dear Santa

My name is Emerson and I am almost 2 years old (21 months).

I had a really big year learning lots of things and even use the potty now! This year, I would REALLY love a JUMPY, JUMPY, JUMPY (Mom & Dad think I mean a trampoline). I love you Santa … and Rudolph too! Love

Emerson Cox


Dear Santa

I would like Shopkins for Christmas and a Zoomer and 10

Barbie dolls and some Barbie clothes and shoes and a lot of play doh. A Beta Fish a camera and some Orbees.

From Jessica M


Dear Santa

Hello, my name is Maeve. Is Rudolph getting excited for Christmas? May I have a Fur Real friend dog and cat, please. I bet the reindeer are excited. Are the elves busy? I will leave you cookies

and milk.

Maeve D.


Dear Santa

For Christmas I want a 3D maker also another 3D maker that will be for my brother and lots of crafts, a Journey Girl and some


From Lucy C.


Dear Santa

My name is Ava Devlin and I am 4 years old. I have been very busy this year because I got to start school and meet new friends. First I want to say thank you for letting your Elf Blitzen come and stay with me for the month. He is really silly and hides in funny places. My mommy and daddy said I have been a very good girl. I would like a pretty pony house and a guitar and microphone. I love you very much Santa. I will leave you milk, cookies and flowers on Christmas Eve in my bedroom. I won’t be scared this year when you come. I promise.

Love, Ava


Dear Santa

What I want for Christmas is a Barbie Malibu house and a Barbie doll or the year. And I want a Barbie horse set.

Cecilia P


Dear Santa

I am just starting to really experience Christmas and I absolutely love it! Though the carols and lights are nice, I enjoy our family time the most as I’m learning that’s really what the season is about. Better yet, I recently found out that I’m going to be a big sister come July. This Christmas, I’d like to wish other families around the world a healthy and happy holiday. Merry Christmas!!

Love, Lillia xo


Dear Santa

I am really excited for Christmas because I want Shopkins

for Christmas and a Shopkins 12 pack and the Shopkins fridge and a 20 pack.

From Katie C.


Dear Santa

How are you doing? Is the reindeer doing good? What about

Mrs. Claus? I would really like a big Beanie Boo named Spike and

Shopkins. I would like a wallet and a purse and some Pokemon. I

would like the Barbie Christmas Girl.

Adele G.


Dear Santa

I have been a very good girl this year!  My little brother Evan is 2 and he has been a good boy this year too!  Mommy and Daddy have been good too. For Christmas this year i would like a Strawberry Short Cake Baby, My Little Pony dolls and the Paw Patrol Lookout Tower.  Evan would like a Monster Truck.  He likes things on wheels! Merry Christmas Santa! Love,

Emily Peters, 4 years old


Dear Santa

How are you doing. For Christmas I would like the new Hot

Lake Airline Cities Lego, Lego Friends and the Grand Hotel also Lego

Friends and a pink or purple watch that you can play games on.

That is what I want for Xmas.

Erin W.


Dear Santa

Thanks for all of the things you give just for us. But what do you want Santa? I want to know. Do you want happiness, joy or things? I do not know. Please tell me, just please please please tell me.

From Esmé D


Dear Santa

I will love a dog and Shopkins and a Zoomer kitty. And

Littlest Pet Shops and Play-Doh and a Play-Doh castle and Barbie

clothes and Rosie to come earlier.

Katrina S


Dear Santa

I want makeup, Shopkins and a big Beanie Boo Owl.

From Grace H.


Dear Santa

I would like an iPad for Xmas. I will FaceTime and text

my friends. I will use it for math. I will not bug my parents

because I will be playing on my iPad. Do you give gifts to people in


Joey S.


Dear Santa

I want a Zoomer Kitty a Smart Bear and a Bulldog Stuffy

that looks real.

Brookey R.


Dear Santa

I want makeup for Christmas. And Shopkins and a big

beanie boo and Lego.

From Nora H


Dear Santa

I would like my elf to get married. I would like

Shopkins, I would like one girl doll, i would like a Barbie doll and I

would like a password Diary and some pencils. I will leave out

cookies and milk Santa.

From Anna E.


Dear Santa Claus

I’m so excited for Christmas this year. I hope you and your elves had a great summer. I have been a very good boy this year. I would like anything Paw Patrol or Charlie Brown. I will leave you milk and cookies and some treats for your reindeers. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Mateo D’Angela


Dear Santa

Can you be able to get me a Maplea Doll? Can you try to get mom something to make her better. I am happy to be a Brownie

because we do fun crafts and games. I hope that you have fun in the

North Pole. Bye bye for now.

Anna R


Dear Santa

I would like a password Diary and a camera. If you can

get me them I will have fun. Also it will distract me so I won’t

fight with Drea. I have been very good this year. I will give you

hot chocolate so you should get me the stuff I want please!!! Santa

if you understand you will get me it. That’s why you should get me it.

Zoe A.


Dear Santa

I hope Leam has a good Christmas without his mom because

we are. Sasse and Chappy have a good one too back in the Northpole. Please Please Please.

From Hana M


Dear Santa

I want a dog for Christmas and make up and a makeup set.

Shopkins and a massage and Orbees and a Barbie house and a baby toy and a cat.

Emerson W.



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