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Lambton Concert Band going spooky on Fright Night

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Cathy Dobson

Musical director Tessa Catton sounds a little surprised at how difficult some of the songs are for the Lambton Concert Band’s upcoming Fright Night.

“But we’re really enjoying it,” says Catton, who keeps a frantic schedule despite having retired from teaching at the high school and elementary levels.

She is principal flute with the International Symphony Orchestra, a well-known session member with several Celtic groups, and also conducts the Lambton Concert Band, which practices weekly and has five performances a year.

“Some of the spooky music we’ve chosen for Fright Night is really hard, but it’s interesting and fun and we’ll get it,” she says with her customary confidence.

“This band never ceases to amaze me. Easy or hard, their hearts are in it.”

The Lambton Concert Band has never performed a tribute to Halloween before, something many other community bands have made a tradition.

Board member and trumpet player Alison McLaughlin urged the group to do Fright Night, explained Catton.

“She wanted to do something special about all things creepy.”

Fright Night will feature popular tunes such as Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show; the Adams Family theme song; A Rock-nophobia, that Catton says is a takeoff on arachnophobia; Nightmare Before Christmas; The Haunter of the Dark; and Alfred Hitchcock’s theme called Funeral March of a Marionette.

Those who attend in costume will get candy, Catton said. Some musicians plan to dress up too.

The evening will be hosted by Jeff Taylor and Michele Furlotte.

The Lambton Concert Band started in the early 1990s, following in the tradition of community bands like the Petrolia White Rose Band and the Forest Excelsior Band. In fact, it grew out of the former Sarnia Citizen’s Band conducted by the late Art Christmas.

The band’s 45 members range in age and skill level but Catton said the calibre of the band ensures a solid and entertaining performance.


WHAT: The Lambton Concert Band presents Fright Night

WHERE: Sarnia Library Auditorium

WHEN: Thursday, Oct. 27. 7:30 p.m.

HOW: Tickets, $12 adults, $6 children and students, available from band members or by emailing [email protected].

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