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Journal trivia quiz

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1.   What village in Lambton County gets its name from the native word for corn?

2.    Born Eric Marlon Bishop, what actor starred in Ray, Django Unchained, and The Amazing Spider Man 2 using his more famous name?

3.    Corunna’s high jumping phenomenon Derek Drouin holds the National High Jump record with a jump of how many centimeters (within 20 cms)?

4.  Which element on the Periodic Table has the symbol “Fe” and, in English, lends its

name to an Age and a Curtain?

5.  What Camlachie-born linesman was inducted into the National Hockey League’s Hall

of Fame in 1981?

6.  What is the official language of Brazil?

7.  With a call that registers 188 decibels, what animal is currently the loudest animal in   existence?

8. Within two years, what is the number of years between the openings of the two Blue Water Bridges?

9.  What does the acronym TIFF stand for?

10.  What is the name of the new stadium that is home to the CFL Hamilton

Tiger Cats?


1- MANDAUMIN;  2 – JAMIE FOXX;   3 – 240 CM (220 –260);  4 – IRON;  5- NEIL  ARMSTRONG;   6 – PORTUGUESE;   7 – BLUE WHALE;  8 – 59 YEARS (1938 TO 1997);   9 – TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL;  10 – TIM HORTONS FIELD





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