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How to protect your stuff from summer thieves

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Preventable thefts have been on the rise this summer, Sarnia Police say.

Homeowners are leaving garage doors and windows unlocked and thieves are responding by carting off large quantities of tools, bicycles and other items.

Residents should consider the following preventative measures during the summer months, city police say:

* Install light sensors that activate when someone approaches doors and windows.

* Ensure the area around the home is clear of clutter and overgrown plants and trees. That minimizes where individuals can lurk in the shadows.

* Don’t leave your garage door wide open on a regular basis. That allows thieves to take note of what you’ve got worth stealing.

* Notify neighbors if you are going to be away, and ask them to keep an eye on your place.

* And don’t announce to everyone on social media when you’re to be away.


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