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Special delivery: Toy drive gets boost from 10-year-old and friends

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Cathy Dobson

The Point Edward Fire Rescue annual toy drive received a big boost Wednesday thanks to the efforts of 10-year-old Aurora Parker and her girlfriends.

Aurora made elastic bracelets with Lilah Gander, 11, and Ava Catt, 10 and the girls went door-to-door selling them to raise money.

“We’ve always been into making bracelets,” said Aurora. “It was Lilah’s idea to sell them and donate the money.”

Aurora’s friends and neighbours heard the proceeds were going to help the toy drive, and frequently paid $5 and $10 for the bracelets that were originally priced at $1 each.

When Aurora went shopping at Toys R Us to spend the $208 the girls raised, it just happened to be her 10th birthday.

Lilah Gander, 11, Ava Catt, 10, and Aurora Parker, 10, went door-to-door selling homemade bracelets and raised $208 for the Point Edward Fire Rescue toy drive. (Cathy Dobson photo)

“I know inside I wanted to buy toys for me,” she admitted. “But we had decided to donate the money, so I had to do that and I’m feeling really good about it right now.”

Point Edward’s fire department is holding its third annual toy drive to contribute to St. Clair Child & Youth Services and Bluewater Health over the holidays.

“There are a surprising number of kids in the hospital over the Christmas break,” said firefighter Emilson Posadas. He and fellow firefighters Gavin Burgess and Justine Davies are co-ordinating the drive.

Last year, they delivered a rescue truck full of unwrapped new toys donated to the hall. This year, they hope to fill two trucks.

Aurora delivered 12 toys bought with the money she raised with her friends.

“This really makes me happy,” she said.

The drive is going well but organizers hope to collect more items appropriate for older teens, including gift cards. Until Dec. 12 they will accept toys for ages 0-18.

New toys can be dropped off Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the Point Edward fire hall, 220 Michigan Avenue.

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