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City golfer, 90, plays weekly round

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Joyce Cameron’s mother was 96 when she died, and her mom’s mom was 105.

Which may help explain why every Tuesday in summer you can find Cameron at Greenwood Golf Club playing 18 holes in the women’s league.

At the age of 90.

“I can drive straight, just not as far as I used to,” she says.

“And I don’t keep score anymore. I do it for the exercise and fun.”

Fun is a word that comes up often with Cameron, who emigrated from England in 1929 and has called Sarnia home nearly 60 years.

She leads a busy life but makes time to watch the pros play golf Sundays on TV. She roots for U.S. lefty Phil Mickelson, she says.

“But I couldn’t care less about Tiger (Woods). He’s got a very bad attitude.”

Cameron, who survived two husbands and has 12 great grandchildren, swaps the clubs in winter for thrice weekly exercise workouts at Central United Church.

She cooks and cleans her own apartment, and enjoys the freedom of driving her own car whenever she wants.

“I have to show you something,” she says suddenly, jumping up from the table. She returns with a framed black and white photo from England.

It shows her grandmother on her 100th birthday being congratulated by King George IV and the Queen Mother. Standing to one side is a young Princess Elizabeth.

Cameron smiles at her visitor.

“I’d like to golf more but people my age aren’t golfing,” she says.

“But the girls I play with don’t mind because I’m not slow on the course. They’re always telling me to slow down.”

 – George Mathewson



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