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City council nixes fluoride plebiscite at next election

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Sarnians won’t get to vote on a fluoride plebiscite after all.

Mayor Mike Bradley had proposed that a question on this year’s municipal election ballot ask residents whether they favour ending the practice of adding fluoride to the drinking water.

But council deadlocked in a three-three tie vote last week, effectively killing the motion and leaving the emotionally charged issue for the next council.

“It will come back,” Bradley predicted.

At last week’s meeting, and at previous meetings, advocates argued fluoride is a safe and effective way to reduce tooth decay, while opponents say it’s chemical contamination that’s dangerous and unnecessary.

Even if Sarnia does decide to end fluoridation the debate wouldn’t end there, however.

Sarnia is one partner in the Lambton Area Water Supply System and can and has been outvoted by other member municipalities.

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