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Businesses stung by scam

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City businesses are falling victim to an old scam with a new twist, Sarnia Police say.

Someone calls claiming to be from Bluewater Power and warns the power will be shut off unless a sum of money is paid immediately.

To increase believability, a call back number of 1-800-644-7818 is given, along with a time and date for a meeting with the company representative. No one ever shows up.

Bluewater Power’s actual number may even show up on the phone’s call display.

Several businesses have been duped and at least one lost $1,200 on a pre-paid credit card, police said.

In reality, Bluewater Power issues three notices in writing before shutting off the electricity.

If you suspect a call is fraudulent, do not give out any information and call Bluewater Power or victim the office in person.








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