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BUSINESS JOURNAL: Makeup artist comes full circle

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Cathy Dobson

When she was pregnant, Heather Lapier had every intention of resuming her job as vice president of a local marketing firm when the maternity leave ended.

“I thought I’d go back to work when Luke was six months old,” said the first-time mom. “But when he was three months old I started to think about how much I loved being home with him.”

It’s a dilemma face by many career-oriented women. Juggle a full-time job and children or pursue a different path?

“I spent a lot of time thinking, reflecting and praying,” said Lapier.

She worked hard in her 20s and was good at her job. At age 24, she joined CCI Studios in downtown Sarnia as a sales person. Four years later she was promoted to vice president of sales and began managing and building the sales team. A year later, Luke came along.

“I really enjoy work and I appreciate women who work full-time. I understand that,” said Lapier, now 30. “But everyone has to make their own decision and I decided I wanted to be at home with Luke and find a way to contribute to the household financially.”

Husband Tyler was supportive, and suggested she go back to her original training as a makeup artist and start her own business.

H.A.L.  (Heather Audrey Lapier) Makeup Artistry launches in September. It’s a world away from marketing, but puts a skill set to use she learned as a teenager.

At 16, Lapier went to work for Caryl Baker Visage, a beauty product and service shop in Sarnia.

She learned about building a client base and good customer service. She also attended numerous training sessions with head office in Toronto and earned certificates in various skills, including makeup artistry.

“I worked at Caryl Baker Visage for about seven years as a skin care technician and makeup artist …” she said.

“Both my careers exposed me to two amazing mentors who had a big impact; Jennifer Crawford who owns Caryl Baker Visage and Scott Palko, owner and president of CCI Studios,” she said.

“I feel like everything I learned from them has brought me to this moment.”

H.A.L. Makeup Artistry allows Lapier to control her own schedule. Being a mom and entrepreneur is a “group sport,” she said.  “I couldn’t do it if our families and Tyler weren’t very supportive.”

Lapier is available to do makeup for men and women for all occasions.  She believes most of her clients will be brides and their attendants, but she also offers her services for photo shoots, corporate events, parties and more.

For $100, she’ll provide one-on-one makeup lessons and waive the fee if $100 of makeup is purchased.

Makeup for weddings and other special occasions costs $50 per person.

“I pride myself on being a good listener and then I can translate that into a look the client is happy with,” said Lapier. “I do makeup that enhances your beauty and is very natural.  I want people to feel like themselves.”

Find more about Lapier and H.A.L. Makeup Artistry on social media, including her YouTube channel, her blog (Audrey’s Upper Storey.blogspot.ca), Facebook, www.heatheraudreylapier.com, Instagram @HEATHERAUDREYL, and Twitter @HeatherAudreyL or call 519-384-8778.


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