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Be wary of coyotes

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Sarnia is encouraging residents to be on the lookout for coyotes.

Coyote sightings near Sarnia’s outdoor trails, parks and beaches are becoming more common, and could be due to humans intentionally or unintentionally providing a food source, the city said.

Coyotes typically avoid humans, but do prey on small dogs or cats. They’re most active between dusk and dawn and it’s important to ensure pets are secured, the city said.

Do not approach a coyote, the city advises. Coyotes will do their best to avoid human contact, but may attack humans when provoked, sick or injured. Yelling “Go away coyote!” in a firm voice, banging pots, spraying a hose, throwing objects towards (not at) can be effective deterrents to safely move a coyote away, the city said.

For more information call the Ministry of Natural Resources district office at 519-773-9241.

If a coyote poses an immediate threat, call 911.


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