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Axe throwing business expanding at former water park

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Troy Shantz

After just seven months of operation, Sarnia’s axe-throwing venue is planning to expand.

Valley Axe has secured a lease on the former Bluewater Fun Park property and intends to add outdoor axe-throwing ranges, a soccer field and multiple beach volleyball courts on the Golden Mile property.

Co-owner Bo Tait said the defunct five-acre water park will be razed to make room for 10 to 12 outdoor axe-throwing ranges and a fully-licensed bar.

“This was once a yard where people made a lot of memories. Now, for the past couple of years with the park being shut down, it’s not a viable option to re-open it, Tait said.

“We would love to make it into something new and start over and make some new memories.”

Though still in the planning stage, Tait said the owners are especially excited about offering high-end beach and grass volleyball courts.

“People are really serious about their volleyball” in Sarnia,” he said. “We’ve been bouncing these ideas back and forth, talking to friends and family and different customers.”

Tait said they may also offer archery and spear throwing in the future and would love to host outdoor festivals.

“Whatever we can accommodate, we will accommodate if it makes sense for us.”

Demolition of the water park is expected to begin shortly with the facility open in time for summer.

Valley Axe was first axe-throwing venue in Ontario to obtain a liquor licence. In addition to a 30-member league, the business and its nine employees recently began offering knife throwing nights.

One target is 10 by 20 feet, which Tait claims in the largest throwing target in the world.

“We’re definitely gaining a lot of notoriety,” he said.

Tait launched Valley Axe at 1886 London Line with close family and friends after trying axe throwing at his bachelor party.

He said his team loves Sarnia and the name ‘Valley Axe’ is derived from their personal connections to the Chemical Valley.



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