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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – Derived from the Italian word for “house,” what name is given to a building mainly used for gambling?

2 – Sarnia native Bennett Slater is recognized internationally for his talent in what area?

3 – In the game of chess, the player who has what colour of pieces always moves first?

4 – In the 1970s, local resident Helen Arts-Smith became what company’s first female process operator?

5 – What lady’s Vineyard is an island off Cape Cod?

6 – What gas raises the temperature of the earth when it gets trapped in the atmosphere?

7 – What colour is the grumpy ogre Shrek in the animated series of movies?

8 – In boxing, which rhyming term describes an illegal punch that lands below the waist?

9 – Bruschetta is toasted Italian bread that is drenched in which oil?

10 – “The Lusty Month of May” is a song from which musical/movie?

– Tom St. Amand (Column #355)

ANSWERS: 1 – Casino; 2 – Painting/Art; 3 – White; 4 – Imperial Oil; 5 – Martha’s; 6 – Carbon dioxide; 7 – Green; 8 – Low Blow; 9 – Olive Oil; 10 – Camelot.

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