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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – What is the typical order of the three challenging events in a triathlon?

2 – What is Sarnia’s estimated current population, rounded to the nearest thousand?

  1. a)  69,000     b) 73,000   c) 77,000

3 – Which of the following is the longest running movie to win an Oscar for Best Picture?

  1. a) Gone with the Wind   b) Lawrence of Arabia    c) Parasite

4 – Currently, Ontario’s emergency measures mandate that residents must keep a minimum of how many metres apart from one another?

5 – The name of what prairie province comes from the Cree word for “swiftly flowing river?”

6 – Before “hello” was adopted as a telephone greeting, what word was used to greet people on the telephone?

7 – The earliest version of what popular board game was called “The Landlord’s Game?”

8 – On July 16, 1439, why did King Henry VI of England issue a proclamation to ban kissing?

9 – Since her husband had his hair cut in the style of ancient Roman emperors, a Michigan woman chose what name for her family’s successful pizza chain?

10 – Due to reduced pollution from the coronavirus lockdown, for the first time in decades people in northern India can see the peaks of what mountain range 200 kilometres away?

– Tom St. Amand (column # 289)


ANSWERS: 1 – Swim, Bike, Run; 2 – b) 73,000; 3 – a) Gone with the Wind  (238 minutes); 4 – Two metres; 5 – Saskatchewan; 6- Ahoy; 7 – Monopoly; 8 -To stop the advance of the plague; 9 – Little Caesars; 10 – Himalayas.










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