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The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – A snooker table has how many pockets?

2 – The current home of the Sarnia Journal, built in the mid-1850s, was the original home of Henry Glass, Sarnia’s third what?

3 – What is a large tent called when it is used to house a circus?

4 – According to City Hall’s Forestry Department, what is currently the most abundant tree in Sarnia?

Red oak             Sunburst Locust             Norway Maple             White Birch

5 – In which New York Borough is Central Park located?

6 – What business will open this month at the site of the former Taylor’s furniture store on Christina Street?

7 – What is the smallest continent by land area?

8 – Congrats to Lakeroad School’s Lauren Morrison for winning a Canada-wide writing contest in what literary genre?

9 – Which branch of mathematics deals with sides and angles and their relationships to one another?

10 – What device was introduced commercially in 1934 as a “portable super regenerative receiver and transmitter”?  (Two Rhyming Words)

– Tom St. Amand 


ANSWERS: 1 – Six; 2 – Mayor; 3 – Big Top; 4 – Norway Maple; 5 – Manhattan; 6 – Sarnia Downtown Market; 7 – Australia; 8 –Poetry (“Midnight Mulberries”); 9 – Trigonometry; 10 – Walkie Talkie













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