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Sarnia Journal trivia challenge

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1 – The beautiful and challenging 16-kilometre Fundy Trail is located in which province?

2 – Mitton Street, Charlotte Street, and Essex Street were all named after members of what early Sarnia family?

3 – This year’s winner of the Kentucky Derby was named after which current Detroit Red Wing player?

4 – We had the coldest April in 20 years with an average temperature of what? (within one degree Celsius)

5 – Pardon?  Who recently stated in a victory speech that, “We are going to start winning again and we’re going to win bigly.”

6 – Last month, The Colours of Love, was a successful variety show that helped celebrate what facility’s upcoming 40th anniversary?

7 – The fan-gathering plaza outside Toronto’s Air Canada Centre is called Maple Leaf Square but, when The Raptors play, the plaza has become known unofficially as what?

8 – “A Sense of Place”, an exhibition by Sarnia artist Jane Hunter at the Lawton Gallery this month, features what setting as its subject?

9 – In 1892, the first ever use of what in a homicide investigation helped to positively identify a murderer?

10 – A man created a buzz in Quebec last week when he was arrested for the theft of five million what (valued at $200,000)?

– Tom St. Amand

ANSWERS: 1 – New Brunswick; 2 – The Vidal family; 3 – Nyquist; 4 – 5.4 Celsius (41.7 F); 5 – Donald Trump; 6 – Pathways Health Centre for Children; 7 – Jurassic Park; 8 – Canatara Park; 9 – Fingerprints; 10 – Bees.










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